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The Four Oh Five

Google launches low-cost TV Dongle, Chromecast

Yesterday, Google released Chromecast, the internet giant's long-awaited response to Apple's popular Apple TV. Chromecast is slightly larger than a standard USB drive and comes in at $35 (£25-30), around a third the price of Apple TV. Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Forbes declared the Google device a "game...

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The Four Oh Five

The world's first interactive drum kit poster is here

Novalia, a London-based team of designers and engineers, have created the world's first interactive drum kit poster. The hybrid device seamlessly integrates touch-screen technology with the printed page....

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The Four Oh Five

Norwegian town builds Artificial Sun

Imagine living in a cold, remote town located at the bottom of a valley. This town is surrounded by mountains and covered in darkness for nearly five months out of each year. What seems like the backdrop for a post-apocalyptic film is instead Rjukan, Norway, a village of 3,500 just...